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Breastfeeding is often forgotten about as there is so much focus placed on the pregnancy and birth and this is a reason so many find breastfeeding so difficult when the time comes.

These kits were designed to help educate, prepare and support mum throughout breastfeeding and the tricky postpartum period often referred to as the fourth trimester.

The Mini Kit Includes:

- My Boobie Bag Booklet: The breastfeeding starter booklet which includes everything you may need to know about breastfeeding such as: feeding schedules, pumping schedules, how to store breastmilk, breastmilk uses, heating up breastmilk, pumping at work, increasing milk supply, correct latch, breastfeeding problems and solutions e.g. engorgement, mastitis, crackled nipples etc.

There is also useful information for formula feeding, baby led weaning, local directory for additional support, vouchers and a newborn baby log chart.

- Reusable Breast Pads: Our super thirsty reusable leak proof Boobie pads are a great option for both your leaking boobies and the environment.

- Lactation Station Cookies: A full pack of the ever so popular and drool worthy lactation station cookies, yummy for mummy and yummy for baby because of all the extra milk you make.

- The Milk Collective Lactation Drinking Chocolate: Increase your milk supply in a delicious way with this drinking chocolate sampler - with 0% guilt because not only is this delicious it is also so good for you and your post-birth recovery.

- Mammas Milk Bar Lactation Blend Sample: A drinking blend sample from this popular NZ small business to help boost milk supply.

- Franjos Lactation Cookie Sampler: Sample of a delicious lactation cookie by the ever so popular Franjos Kitchen.

- Aquamama Hydration Sachet Sampler: Say hi to your new fave daily routine – hydration sachets! These will replenish your energy. Formulated to help meet your daily hydration and electrolyte needs, they’re also low sugar, low sodium & low calorie with no artificial stuff.

- Large Reusable Tote Bag: Our beautiful large My Boobie Bag reusable tote bag - wear them loud and proud to support breastfeeding mums and to normalize breastfeeding.

- The Sleep Store Voucher

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