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Please note: Boobie wheat bags are out of stock and will be replaced with hydrogel breast discs.

Breastfeeding is often forgotten about as there is so much focus placed on the pregnancy and birth and this is a reason so many find breastfeeding so difficult when the time comes.

These kits were designed to help educate, prepare and support mum throughout breastfeeding and the tricky postpartum period often referred to as the fourth trimester.

Please note: Our kits will look a bit different in this interim period as we are currently under going some issues with our trademark (for more information you can see our Instagram post). Please continue to support us and follow our journey, every cent raised from these sales will go directly towards our legal bills incurred as a result of this process and/or possibly our rebrand.

Kit Includes:

- My Boobie Bag Booklet: The breastfeeding starter booklet which includes everything you may need to know about breastfeeding such as: feeding schedules, pumping schedules, how to store breastmilk, breastmilk uses, heating up breastmilk, pumping at work, increasing milk supply, correct latch, breastfeeding problems and solutions e.g. engorgement, mastitis, crackled nipples etc.

There is also useful information for formula feeding, baby led weaning, local directory for additional support, vouchers and a newborn baby log chart.

- Reusable Breast Pads: Our super thirsty reusable leak proof Boobie pads are a great option for both your leaking boobies and the environment.

- Nipple Shields: To aid in correct latch in those early days and protect the food source (nipples). BPA free and 100% food grade silicone.

Note: Please read instructions carefully and use under the direct supervision of your midwife, lactation consultant or health practitioner. Nipple shields are great in some cases but they need to be fitted accurately.

- Haakaa Generation 1 100ml Silicone Breast Pump: The World Famous Silicone Breast Pump is made of a single piece of 100% silicone and provides an easy, eco-friendly and effective pumping experience!.

- My Boobie Heat/Cool Pack: Boobie wheat bags help to stimulates the let-down reflex, encourage milk flow, relieves engorgement, maintain open milk ducts, and provides comfort for mastitis.

- Lactation Cookie Premix

- Breastmilk Storage Bags

- Lactation support samples from amazing lactation small businesses we support (The Milk Collective, Mammas Milk Bar, Aquamamma, Franjos Kitchen). Each kit will include four samples, we will try our best to pack an assorted variety for you but we are limited by stock/supply issues.

- Large Reusable Tote Bag: Our beautiful large My Boobie Bag reusable tote bag - wear them loud and proud to support breastfeeding mums and to normalize breastfeeding.

- The Sleep Store $10 Gift Voucher

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