Hello and welcome to MY BOOBIE BAG 😊

I am Beheshta (also known as Bee) and I run My Boobie Bag.

At home I am also known as mum and at my regular day to day job I am known as the pharmacist.

I began to develop a passion for breastfeeding awareness, education and support after going through a very difficult breastfeeding journey with my first born. If you would like to learn more about about my journey then keep reading, otherwise you can stop here πŸ™‚

My journey:

When I first fell pregnant. I found myself in a constant cycle of reading about all things pregnancy and birth related; how big my baby is this month in comparison to a fruit, braxton hicks contractions, signs of early labor, how to best prepare for labor and so on.

Then came along breastfeeding. Breastfeeding was always something I thought would just come easily and naturally.

Think of every possible breastfeeding issue and I can assure I have experienced it; low milk supply, poor latch, pumping issues, oversupply, overactive let-down, blebs, blocked milk ducts, engorgement, cracked needles, mastitis, to visiting doctors and trying numerous herbal and prescription medicines for milk supply, not to mention working with numerous lactation consultants and getting 101 pieces of advice from everyone that I met.

Things I have been told; just formula feed you obviously do not make enough milk – it must run in your family, persist with only breastfeeding on demand and do not pump, your baby is hungry, your baby is not hungry they are just fussy or it might be colic etc.

My first born, I ended up breastfeeding/mix feed for one year with the help of a lact-aid system. My second child has been exclusively breastfed from day and we are now at 18 months and going strong (the power of education and awareness)!

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About the kits:

My personal breastfeeding experience made me more determined than ever to help others struggling with similar issues – and that is where My Boobie Bag was born.

I wanted to create a space where mums can come together, share their experiences, and hopefully find a product which can help them. Think of me as your own little support person, here to listen to you, empower you and make you feel confident in your own breastfeeding journey.

The kits are designed to educate mums about breastfeeding and allow mums to have products on hand to try rather than trying to source them after birth. We are not your average gift bag, you will not find candles or bath bombs in our kit. Only products that will be of actual use to you post birth.

We have also worked closely with numerous other small businesses and support service

providers to offer mums additional support when required.

Please feel free to reach out to me for anything breastfeeding and mum-life related! I love connecting with you all. You are always so welcome to DM or send an email my way.

Why Chooose Us

We know breastfeeding can be hard so we’ve made it easier by preparing kits with all the essential breastfeeding products and information so that new mums can breastfeed with confidence.

Breast pumps, pads, shells, shields, cream & Heat packs


Lactation Drinks, cookies & blends


We have you covered